The poetry & poetic prose of Brandon Gene Petit

All Life is Alien

While I can’t take credit for this amazing footage, I was so blown away by this video of an unknown organism in the deep that I had to repost it and add a few relevant quotes.

“Life on Earth is indistinguishable from extraterrestrial life… human perception and its folly are the only reason for the distinction, and it is in error. Life may very well have been planted here from the seeds of a meteorite billions of years ago… and even if it wasn’t, it is just as alien. All life is alien. All of our homes are floating in space.” – Brandon Gene Petit

“Mankind tends to be fascinated with demons, phantoms, alien life forms and mystical creatures… until they appear before him and verify their existence. That is when he dismisses them the most harshly.” – Brandon Gene Petit

“And we beheld the beautiful nightmare… that performed for us inhuman grace and strength… and we gave it a name… so that no man may deny its power and beauty, or forsake the intelligent gleam in its eye.” – Brandon Gene Petit, Behold

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