Brandon Gene Petit


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Praise for Dreams in the Womb:

“The prose pieces were my favorite pieces in the book. Each time I found one, I was overjoyed, and I looked forward towards the next one. This is where Petit turned me upside down, shook me, and set me back again. Yes, it is that good.”

  • Henry Martin, Mad Days of Me

“Petit has a way of choosing and using words that depict the most perfect visions and replicas of his imagination… I feel as if I’ve been bestowed with one of literature’s best-kept secrets after having been introduced to Petit.”

  • Sarah Ann, Dreamworld Book Reviews

“These are vivid poems, bright in their use of images and the way they inflect the reality of their stories with new light, new ways of seeing things… We’re able to see how so much of what we ‘briefly glimpse’ can really affect us powerfully.”

  • Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

A sensual, wistful, romantic and sometimes steamy collection of poems and prose for the light reader with a heavy heart.

(Kindle only)

Praise for Ab Antiquo, Ab Aeterno:

“Albeit somewhat on the dark side, this book made me feel the same way that listening to ‘Blues’ music does — at peace and just better.”

  • Claudia Jackson, Book Reviewer

“This book was more grown up in a way, it showed a maturing of his subject matter and a lot of this book is actually narrative verse (longer and more story like) and I really enjoyed it.”

  • Joseph, Amazon Reviewer

“With a certain poignancy and reverence for the interconnection of everything,  Ab Antiquo, Ab Aeterno is a solid and choice pick for poetry collections.”

  • Midwest Book Review

Over thirty daffy, dopey and darling dinosaurs for kids of all ages to color.

All kinds of dinosaurs: from the ever famous T-Rex and Triceratops, to lesser known varieties and even some completely from the author’s imagination.

Each dinosaur is accompanied by a clever short poem that parents may read aloud to their kids if they wish.



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