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…Then It Rained

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Among Wolves

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Forgive Me for Dreaming

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Travelers Beware

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Sidereal Lover

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Without Flesh, Without Fear

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To a Girl with Green Eyes


Watchful beacons fierce and free

The kind so green as verdant sea

Of mint and clover sentiently…

Wrapped around your pupil be


Etchings on a radial gem

Echo to my deepest whim

Crystal carvings never dim

Further from thy pupil stem


Glistening gaze of dampened jewel

Strings along the avid fool

Not so kind, but not so cruel

Instead a different kind of school


Luscious is the teary glaze

That gifts me just beyond the maze

To gently whisper sensual praise

And rival my most treasured days


Subtle flits of dashing green

Shifty, charismatic sheen

Piercing through prosaic scene

Coaxing me to intervene


Sights aligned with passion’s will

Sting me with thy lover’s quill

A woman, lest my heart be still

As she moves in for the kill


Iris twin; an emerald pair

Tell of field and forest fair

Gradient of goddess stare

I wonder what thoughts may be there


© Brandon Gene Petit


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