I Am in Awe


I Am in Awe

Unfolding to the frigid morn’

A goddess unto new worlds born

Her purpose cannot be explained

Her beauty cannot be contained

Like golden silk of sunlight kin

Radiates her golden skin

Ocean water paints it wet

Varnished with a subtle sweat

Her eyes are voiced with words unspoken

Intertwining hues unbroken

Light reveals miasmal blue

And green I wish to dive into

Moving like a serpent shiver

Her touch can make a specter quiver

Yet she comes from angel dreams

And brings the warmth of evergreens

Her lips are coated with a potion

Best exampled when in motion

Hair to brush back from her eyes

Shades an ample, sultry guise

She leaves my grasp in fragrant wisps

And leaves me but a spectral kiss

The closest that she’ll come to facing…

Ownership of arms embracing

© 2011 Brandon Gene Petit

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