In Another Life


In Another Life


…And I lost you in that gloomy world; our lingering tragedy finally came to a close. You left me covered in tears, left me to nurse a pain so deep and real… we were but children; how could the forces have been so cruel? Our love had no time to grow, but it was potent for a love in such a stage. Regardless, the early chapters of our life together were heavy and dim, and for the time being our love could not cure your mortality.

The shores of time slowly concealed our aching tale, and I was forced to forget you for my own health… but in this new life we are reunited, reminding us that lovers divided by death can find each other once again. Patient eons have come full circle, and dawn awakens me as though the bitter night had never come.

Though most of the stringent feelings have faded with that forgotten era, I can sometimes still find that pain lurking deep within my cluttered heart… waiting to resurface at least for a moment and cut me down to mortal size. Forgive me for toying with that succulent thorn, for rehashing that tearful romance; my life has long since progressed yet I cannot forget the taste.

Even my current joy is mixed with an ancient misery’s residue, but I am ever grateful that I laid eyes upon you again. Who knew that our love could transcend such rigid laws of nature, and travel across impossible oceans of existence? Unimaginable mercy has blessed you with a sacred immortality… Lover, you will never again endure a fate where I cannot follow. Though we have parted ways once more, it is not the same sorrow; we now know the confidence of future meetings, for our rendezvous’ will always have merit and your rebirth will never be in vain.

 © Brandon Gene Petit

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