Laburnine Lullaby

Laburnine Lullaby

 Moonlit grassland visitations

Waking werewolf incantations

Lullabies of laburnine

Songbook of the saturnine

Forgotten empire alterations

Atlantean life-force palpitations

Shapes begotten from the steam

Of transcendental gypsy tea

Agreeable gods with clouds at their chest

Exhaling into the sails of the blessed

Escorting ships beyond destiny’s door

Lest they awake upon alien shores

Green-eyed sirens affixed to the sound

Singing of ship rats and pharaoh hounds

A thousand beginnings fresh in their wake

Trilobite tide-pools and lunar moth lakes

Sleep, my child, unwind your verve

And notice not as ghosts observe

Your mother cannot guide your quest

Instead awaits your waking breath

Grasp with lily palms the reins

Mischief flowing through your veins

Mind you as the moon besets

Sleep remembers, and sleep forgets

© 2010 Brandon Gene Petit

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