The Cosmic Drifter

The Cosmic Drifter

I crept out to see the outside on odd nights, when the eye-like stars grew too sleepy to hold their gaze and guard their lonely secrets. I’ve scampered across forbidden lines like an undetected scavenger, flitting through cracks in time and swimming beneath material space; seeing dreams before they are dreamt, as well as thoughts that are not wholly thoughts. I’ve beheld untold realms, conceived in the hands of a creator even more furtive and abstracted than our own… realms where pleasure and pain mingle freely, openly exchanging kisses without boundaries between their lips. Here have I seen shapes of infinite chaotic beauty, molded from a primal gel unlike the one our lives had sprung from. Before my dazzled eyes they twisted, bubbled, and broke off into impossible designs that simply couldn’t be. My mind endured countless emotions as I hurtled through rich tapestries of vision, bizarre pseudo-realities that defied all semblances of any known heaven or hell. I saw this was the raw thread of nature, before the limbs of order sculpted it into being… the inconceivable underbelly of all existence.

© 2010 Brandon Gene Petit

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