…Then It Rained

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Forgive Me for Dreaming

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Travelers Beware

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Sidereal Lover

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La Dame Verte

Her smile a notch above a frown,
The subtle way she drags her gown;
Drifting to the garden tub,
Slipping off her black lace gloves.

Evening of unwinding wrath,
Absinthe and a bubble bath;
Ignorant to clock-hands turning,
Sleeps content with candles burning.

Velvet curtains brushed aside;
Sleeping, soaking, Devil’s pride;
I find her in a sultry moat,
Asleep where lotus candles float.

…Where that trail of petals led,
In the room where dress was shed;
I thought I heard her hum a hymn,
Escaping through subconscious whim.

Her eyelids twitch above her smile,
Her hair descending to the tile;
For her thoughts I’d offer pence,
Red lips hushed in confidence.

Her marinated body froths,
In body oil and castile broth;
Half asleep, beneath her breath,
She tells me romance isn’t dead.


Taken from Dreams in the Womb

© Brandon Gene Petit

Author’s Note: This was inspired by a witchy woman I know, who told me on a late night phone conversation that she once took a bubble bath while drinking absinthe and eating M & M’s. (Needless to say, I took out the part about the M & M’s.)